Merry Christmas from Coffey Library

The staff at Oak Ridge Coffey Library wishes you a very Merry Christmas!!

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New Book Shelves at Oak Ridge Coffey Library

Oak Ridge received the “New Book” shelves that were purchased with our annual Book Sale monies.  Some assembly was required; however, Terry, (Maintenance Department) did the heavy lifting of putting the shelves together.

Laura and I just had to put in the shelves and load the books.  You would not believe how much work it is to put the pegs into the correct spot.  We had shelves that rocked….that’s another story.


Here is the finished product.  Looks great doesn’t it.  Come see for yourself.

finished product

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Smoke from Small Fires: Celebrate first novel by Roane State’s Anne Powers

Retired Roane State art professor Anne Powers invites Roane State book lovers to celebrate the release of her first novel, Smoke from Small Fires. Anne will host a book release party Saturday, November 22, 5pm at You Say Tomato in Rockwood, TN.

Book synopsis from Amazon:

It’s the 1950s. Picture Blackshale, Tennessee, with its home fires, small town ways, and postwar innocence – the perfect place for a girl to grow up. From her earliest days, an artistic spark has been smoldering in Anna Grace Tollett, and when the mountain turns dark and unnerving, creativity is all she has to weather the hard times. As an adult, she describes her art: It is about the rituals of our lives, we who live in the tribes of Appalachia, and the spook in the hollow, the voodoo of the mountains. In Smoke from Small Fires, happily off-tilt characters, bizarre events, and the gamut of human emotions stack up like a collage layered thick with compelling details. Rendered in visually rich prose, courageous Anna Grace and her quirky band of kin and friends rise above poignant trials that will color your mind’s eye for a long time.

Smoke from Small Fires is available now from Amazon and will soon be available for checkout from the library collection.

You find out more from the Smoke from Small Fires Facebook page.


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Looking for your next great read? Let your library help.

With more than 40,000 books and 107,000 eBooks, it is easy to get lost in the library goodness. Don’t get overwhelmed. Here are a few easy ways to discover your next great read.

Still not sure where to start your exploration? Your friends in the library are glad to suggest titles. We love to talk about books.


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Goodbye, Molly!

As much as we enjoy the stuff on our shelves, the best thing about your library is the people who make it happen. Today we say goodbye to Molly Stover, your Web Services Librarian.

Since January 2011, Molly has worked at the Harriman campus library, helping students, staff and faculty use the library and find the books, articles and websites you need. Molly’s main job has been making sure our website, databases and eBooks are easy to access and use. When things go wrong, she has been the main technical troubleshooter. When things go right, it is because she is working secretly behind the scenes to keep things running smooth.

In her three and a half years with us, she has improved our website, staffed our virtual reference services, piloted the Library Lifeline, initiated Recommended Reads, got us on Facebook, assisted with mobile learning initatives and a whole lot of other stuff.

Molly leaves us in better shape than she found us, and we are grateful.

Best of luck, Molly, from your friends in Roane State library and across the entire college.

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Every Student on Every Campus. We’re Your Library.

Hi, everybody. This is Robert, library director for Roane State Community College. I’m on a personal mission to be sure every Roane State student knows they have a library. We have libraries at Harriman, Oak Ridge and Scott County. Not taking classes at one of those places? No worries. We are your library.

There are over 40,000 books in your library. We’ll send them to the campus of your choice. All you have to do is ask.

Here’s how it works:

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What We Did During Our Summer Vacation

People sometimes assume that summer is a super-quiet, super-boring time in the library. Not so! Summer is the time we spend getting ourselves ready for the coming school year and making sure we are ready to offer our student and faculty our very best. This summer was our busiest, best yet.


  • completely updated our website and moved it to a new address
  • freshened our research guides
  • moved our entire DVD collection to the Harriman campus library, 1st floor
  • withdrew lots of unused, unneeded books
  • added lots of eBooks and eAudiobooks to Overdrive
  • remixed our magazine and journal subscriptions
  • added more iPads for student use
  • started renovations on group study rooms in Harriman

Not too bad for our time off. How was your summer? 🙂

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