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Get Videos Into Your Online Course

The library has tons of great videos on all kinds of subjects from our streaming video databases: Films on Demand, American History in Video, World History in Video and Theater in Video. You can find them all at Faculty who … Continue reading

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Don’t be boring. Be inspired.

Are you bored? Don’t be. You are better than that. Be inspired. Learn something that makes you a better person. Make something that helps the world be a better place. Kid President’s got it right:  Thanks a lot, Robert Frost! What … Continue reading

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You call this a party?

With less than two weeks to Election Day, there’s no escaping the Republican/Democrat barrage of advertising, debate, emails and Facebook posts. Ever wonder where our country’s two major political parties came from? Watch this video to learn more: Watch this … Continue reading

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Columbus had guts

Yesterday was Columbus Day. Columbus’ legacy is complicated and there are many different ways to describe his contribution. Still, it is hard to imagine the kind of courage it took to sail directly into the complete unknown. Here’s a short … Continue reading

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Start Smart: Watch the Smart Tips for Serious Students video series

Here it is. Week two. By now, you should have met your teachers, gotten your books and started taking notes. Right now, you may also be feeling a little bit freaked out. You may be wondering how you are going … Continue reading

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You can learn how to learn

I used to believe that the world was made up of people who were smart and people are weren’t smart. I used to believe that “good” students were smart people and “bad” students… well, you get the idea. I don’t … Continue reading

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