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Start That Paper Now! Procrastination Kills!

Just 5 days to Spring Break 2012! By now, you’ve probably got a major project or research paper that you are stressing about but haven’t started. Stressing doesn’t have to be the first step in getting started. It shouldn’t be … Continue reading

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Remembering the Great Wikipedia Blackout of 2012

Last Wednesday, a number of big name websites went dark to protest pending legislation in Congress related to how intellectual property is protected on the Internet. The legislation was called SOPA and PIPA. This blog post isn’t about them, but … Continue reading

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You don’t have to be a genius to be successful

I’ve been a Roane State librarian for 12 years, and here’s something I’ve learned: The most successful students are not always super-smart geniuses. Successful students work hard, manage their time and ask for help. College is hard work. If it … Continue reading

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Start Smart: Watch the Smart Tips for Serious Students video series

Here it is. Week two. By now, you should have met your teachers, gotten your books and started taking notes. Right now, you may also be feeling a little bit freaked out. You may be wondering how you are going … Continue reading

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Free advice to students! This post will improve your semester!

Whether you are a brand new student or returning, you will want to make the best start possible for this semester. Here’s our free advice to help: Go to class. Every class. Be on time. Read your textbook. Take notes. … Continue reading

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You can learn how to learn

I used to believe that the world was made up of people who were smart and people are weren’t smart. I used to believe that “good” students were smart people and “bad” students… well, you get the idea. I don’t … Continue reading

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Keywording your way to the library from the RSCC website

Roane State’s website is transitioning away from the current keyword navigation structure. During this transition, a keyword search from the college homepage for either “library” or “libraries” will take you to a screen that looks like this: When you see … Continue reading

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