Text Your Librarian: Here to Help

So it’s November already, which means you are probably tired and wishing the semester would hurry up and finish. Don’t stop. You’ve got to push through. The ability to refocus and keep going when tired is the key characteristic of a successful student.

The good news is you’re not alone. You have friends in the library. Students who use the library learn more, make better grades and enjoy a less stressful research process.

We are making it even easier to get help. Try our text-a-librarian service for help with your research problems: (865) 888-7880.

Don’t want to text? No worries. You can still visit, call, email or chat. So many ways to get in touch.

Don’t stay stuck. Your library friends are ready to help.

Text message icon (decorative)

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1 Response to Text Your Librarian: Here to Help

  1. Jerry wells says:

    Is the book of necronomicon spells available at this library? Please let me know. Wellsjerryl@aol.com

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