Spring 2015: Get your tools together

Today is the first day of Spring 2015. So good to have students back in the libraries. On Day One, everything feels possible. This really can be your best semester ever. But you’ve got to prepare yourself. Sometime soon, something is going to go wrong. You are going to feel overwhelmed. You are going to need to make some hard choices about how you spend your time. You are going to need to focus.

Don’t wait until things go wrong to make your plan. Get your tools together now.

  1. Make friends in the library. The people who work in your libraries are here to help you. We want your questions. Confused about something? Ask us! If we can’t help, we can usually connect you with someone who can.
  2. Get your library card. You’re going to need stuff this semester. Stuff like books, articles, graphing calculators, laptops, and iPads. Your library is your key to getting the library stuff you need.
  3. Visit the library webpage. Most of the resources you will need are either available online or can be requested for delivery online.
  4. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. There’s so much we want you to know about your library. We love to share what we do and enjoy knowing how we can help you.

Okay. That’s enough homework for now. Got other ideas? How do you get yourself ready for the new semester?

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