Looking for a great book? Try Overdrive.

Being a book lover’s BFF is one of your library’s most important jobs. We take it pretty serious.

You’ve got about 45,000 books to enjoy on the shelves in your 3 libraries (Harriman, Oak Ridge and Scott). When you need something to read, you can find those books by searching the library catalog or browsing our new books guide.

You’ve also got more than 256,000 eBooks available from the EBSCO and ebrary collections. You can search those from the catalog or browse directly from the eBook sites themselves.

Ever heard the phrase “embarrassment of riches”? That’s us. You have lots of options.

To date, most of the eBooks in our collection have been scholarly, academic non-fiction. Its the kind of stuff you read specifically to learn something new or to do research for a project.

Being your BFF, we knew we needed to do better. You deserve easy to find, easy to get eBooks and eAudiobooks that are fun to read. Allow us to introduce Overdrive.

Overdrive is your brand new collection of popular eBooks and eAudiobooks. If you have a tablet, smartphone or laptop, you can download titles to your device for offline reading or listening. It works with both iOS and Android devices.

Your Overdrive collection includes titles by Neil Gaiman, George R.R. Martin, John Grisham, David Sedaris and Donna Tart. We’ve got World War Z, Orange is the New Black, and Cuckoo’s Calling.


You already have an account. You can use your Roane State username/password to login.

There are several different ways to read or listen. If you have a tablet or smartphone, you will probably want to use the Overdrive app. Got a Kindle? No worries. Overdrive works with the Kindle too.

Did we mention that some of these title are audiobooks? Yep. Now, you can read while you drive.

All reading is good reading. We hope you enjoy your new Overdrive collection. We will keep adding titles along the way to make the collection better and better. Let us know what you think. Shoot us an email or just leave a comment below.

Happy reading!


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