Pamela Schoenewaldt, bestselling author, returns to Oak Ridge campus Nov. 12

This is the second time Pamela Schoenewaldt will speak at RSCC.  Students, please attend and faculty please encourage your students to attend.  Her first talk had a sparse audience, but she was terrific.  Since the first event, Swimming on the Moon, has been listed on the Usatoday best seller list. 

The RSCC Arts and Lectures Committee is proud to sponsor author Pamela Shoenewaldt as she presents her latest book Swimming in the Moon.  The event will take place at the Oak Ridge Branch Campus on Tuesday, November 12, 2013 in H-208 from 11:00 AM EST to 12:00 AM EST. 

Schoenewaldt’s first novel, When We Were Strangers, is available from the Oak Ridge campus library (details) and other libraries around the world. 

Learn more about Pamela Schoenewaldt:

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