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Improvements to Coffey Library computer lab

Your IT services at work in the Coffey Library creating a better lab for you. Advertisements

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Sometimes you’ve got to dance

The Roane State Celebration Singers visited the Harriman campus library yesterday for a short Halloween-themed performance of our spooky favorites. They did the Time Warp. Can you spot the special guest star?

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You call this a party?

With less than two weeks to Election Day, there’s no escaping the Republican/Democrat barrage of advertising, debate, emails and Facebook posts. Ever wonder where our country’s two major political parties came from? Watch this video to learn more: Watch this … Continue reading

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Fall Break is over. It’s Go Time!

Hard to believe the semester is already pretty much half over. Fall break marks the mid point in the semester. Students are getting swamped with exams, papers, speeches and research projects. You may be tired. You may be overwhelmed. The … Continue reading

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Columbus had guts

Yesterday was Columbus Day. Columbus’ legacy is complicated and there are many different ways to describe his contribution. Still, it is hard to imagine the kind of courage it took to sail directly into the complete unknown. Here’s a short … Continue reading

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An article from The Chronicle about the lawsuit involving Google and copyrighted materials. It is very interesting that Google will provide articles that “acknowledges the rights and interests of copyright-holders.” Tom Allen said that Publishers can now choose to make … Continue reading

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