Renovations and Computer Lab Closure

Starting Monday, May 7th, renovations in Coffey Library and the Oak Ridge Learning Center will begin.  The first piece will be the removal of computers to get the computer lab ready for expansion.  Because of this, the computer lab will not be available for use until the renovations are done in August.  We hope to have a few working computers available, scattered around the library, and students will also be able to check out laptops to use in our space.
In addition to the computer lab expansion, we will also be expanding one of the staff offices and adding another study room near the current Learning Center.  This means that when construction begins in late May, Coffey Library and Learning Center will become quite noisy at times. 
It is our intention to keep the Library and Learning Center open regular hours as much as possible.  Students will still be able to get help from the librarians and tutoring from the Learning Center.  Any changes in the schedule will be posted. 
We are excited about the changes coming to Coffey Library and to the Learning Center as it moves into its new space.  We know it will enable us to provide even better service to RSCC students.
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