Remembering the Great Wikipedia Blackout of 2012

Last Wednesday, a number of big name websites went dark to protest pending legislation in Congress related to how intellectual property is protected on the Internet. The legislation was called SOPA and PIPA. This blog post isn’t about them, but you can read more about them here.

This blog post is about what happens when college students loose access to Wikipedia.

Wikipedia was one of the major sites that went dark on Wednesday, January 18. This was, of course, for many college students, right in the middle of the first real week of classes with assignments due.

When they turned to Wikipedia, they saw this:

People freaked. It was a full-scale research panic.Wikipedia was gone. Well, not really, but for a few hours it sure seemed like it. The Twitter-sphere hummed with posts like this one.

Rest assured, librarians were on the scene to save the day. Here’s one fun account from Inside Higher Ed.

How much do you trust Wikipedia? If you are like me, you use The Almighty Wiki quite a bit when you need a quick information snack.

When you need more than a snack, Ask Us! Helping panicked students is what we do.

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