Logophiles rejoice! New and improved Oxford English Dictionary available online

Word lovers agree — the Oxford English Dictionary is super sweet. The only thing better than browsing the 20+ volumes on the shelf is browsing online.

If you’ve never explored Roane State Library’s Oxford English Dictionary online, now’s a great time. They’ve given the site a new look and way more features for word lovers…I mean, logophiles. You’ll find it listed at http://www.roanestate.edu/library/databases_eref.htm.

You can still find the spelling, pronunication, meanings and origins of words. Its still a dictionary, only better. There are tons of new features.

My favorites so far: visual timelines, browse word categories, an historical thesaurus, RSS Word of the Day feed and quotations. This is feature packed. You can even follow OED on Twitter to keep up with new developments.

Well, got to go. I’m in a bit of a swip.

Be sure to post your favorite OED feature in the comments below.

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