Library and Learning Center partnering at Cumberland

The Library and Learning Center are partnering together to pilot a new way to deliver services and resources to our students at Roane State site locations. Beginning Fall 2010, the Cumberland campus library and learning center will share a space called the Learning Resource Center. The Learning Resource Center will blend the availability of on-ground Learning Center services along with improved access to online library collections and services.

In August, Ann Berry and her team will move from their current location to deliver student tutoring and other learning center services in the space currently occupied by the library.

The Learning Resource Center will have 16 computers for academic use. Students can write papers, conduct research and get tutoring help all in one space.

The Learning Resource Center will promote the availability of online library services and collections through designated “library kiosk” computers designed to streamline student awareness and access to the library’s 63,000+ eBooks, 15,000+ eJournals and other online offerings.

The Learning Resource Center will provide a core reference collection of encyclopedias, dictionaries and other essential print research sources. While the Learning Resource Center at Cumberland will no longer provide an onsite book collection for checkout, students will continue to receive prompt delivery of requested print materials via courier. Students and employees can continue to request the print materials they need through an online form.

Students needing research assistance will be able to web chat live with a professional faculty librarian based at the Roane or Oak Ridge campus libraries.

Soon, students will be able to schedule research consultation appointments with our professional faculty librarians via web tools like Skype.

The library will continue instructional visits to Cumberland campus classrooms and seek opportunities to work directly with students to help them discover the right resources for their course assignments.

Library services will retain three physical book collections: Roane, Oak Ridge and Scott. The print collections (both book and magazine) at Cumberland and Campbell are being consolidated to these three locations. The decision to reduce the number of print collections was based on analysis of both collection usage reports and actual courier delivery requests.

The development of the Learning Resource Center concept was precipitated by increasing budget pressures and staff reductions. The library and learning center are committed to maintaining quality levels of service to our students and faculty while also increasing our capacity to deliver services to students at all 9 Roane State teaching locations and online.

While books and print publications will always be an integral part of teaching and learning, our students, faculty and staff increasingly rely on the library’s web-based sources for accurate, scholarly and timely information.

The Learning Resource Center concept at Cumberland represents a first step toward a new model of library services that is emerging in colleges and libraries around the world.

The library and learning center need your ideas, comments and concerns about this pilot project. We need to know where we have succeeded and where we can improve.

You can expect forums with both staff and students in early September to monitor our progress. In the meantime, you can follow the project from the library blog.

With respect and appreciation.

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1 Response to Library and Learning Center partnering at Cumberland

  1. Scott Cohen says:

    This is an idea whose time has come. We have used this concept in our 3 off-campus center Learning Resource Centers for 12 years now. I had thought we were the only ones. I am very glad you are partnering with the Learning Center.

    It is a good relationship and the people that we have hired do library and learning center work both. Two of our LRC personnel will finish the Public Library Certification program at JSCC and we encourage them to work with the Writing Center and Tutoring Center.

    We have a small book collection at each center and the students want more despite our promise to deliver books from the main campus within 2 days.

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