The sky is falling! New ceiling for Roane campus library

The Roane campus library is getting a new ceiling and new lights. We are looking forward to study spaces, hallways and offices that are brighter, cleaner and safer.

Most of the current ceiling is original to the building, which makes it 30+ years old. Over the years, tiles have fallen out or have been damaged by water leaks. The design of the current ceiling doesn’t allow us to easily replace panels. Our new ceiling will be a “drop ceiling” style which will be easier to maintain and keep looking nice.

We’ll do this in stages. Stage one = tear out and rebuild the 2nd story ceiling before students and faculty return in August.

Demolition begins Monday, July 26.

During this time, access to the 2nd floor will be limited to employees only. All offices on the library 2nd floor (CTAT, Learning Center, Distance Education, Lon Bird and the audio-visual collection) will be open during the project. Please ask at the library front desk if you need help getting access to any of these offices.

Coming soon… demolition pix!!!

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